Stop worrying about your weight and start thinking about your BFP!

What is the body fat percentage (BFP) and why does it matter?

Instead of relying on your bathroom scale when trying to get in better shape, you should take into account your body fat percentage (BFP). Only the BFP can tell you the real number of unnecessary fat in your body and the kilos, which are worth to tackle.

There are two kinds of fat: The essential body fat, which is vital for our body to function and the visceral fat. The visceral fat is located between the organs and can be life-threatening.

How can you measure your body fat percentage?

With the body fat percentage you can measure your fitness level and determine the health of your body. The measurement is possible with bioelectrical impedance and takes just a minute. (You get free diagnostics with BeStrong). The results give you the information about the weight balance in your body. Fat, muscles, bones, organs, blood, water and tissues can be located and measured. In the results you can see where the kilograms are hidden, which you better get rid off.

What is a normal body fat percentage?

The average numbers of the BFP is different for women and men:

  • essential fat - woman 10-13%, men 3-6%
  • very lean - woman 14-20%, men 7-13%
  • lean - woman 21-25%, men 14-17%
  • normal - woman 26-31%, men 18-22%
  • overweight - woman 32-39%, men 23-29%
  • obese - woman 40% or more, men 30% or more

Why the BFP is more important than the number of kilograms on your scale!

To train according to your BFT is much more effective and healthy than counting the kilos on your scale!! Loosing weight is for many people the synonym for feeling better and stronger. Exercising with an individualized training will give you this feeling and sometimes even without loosing weight. Why? Because once you start training, fat is melting and muscles and tissues are growing. The result is that you look considerable leaner and stronger.

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